Boundary element method Python package


Bempp-cl 0.3.1

Bempp-cl 0.3.0

Bempp-cl 0.2.4

A number of bugfixes.

Bempp-cl 0.2.3

Added FEM-BEM coupling with DOLFINx. Added to_sparse and to_dense methods to discrete operators.

This version is linked to the Bempp-cl JOSS paper.

Bempp-cl 0.2.2

Assembly using the “novec” mode does not crash anymore.

Bempp-cl 0.2.1

Small patch release with the following fixes:

Bempp-cl 0.2.0

This release contains a number of major improvements:

Bempp-cl 0.1.1

Bempp-cl 0.1.0