This page lists publications by members of the Bempp team. If you use Bempp in your research, we would be grateful if you cite the relevant publications. This list is also available in BibTeΧ format.

Main citation

W. Śmigaj, S. Arridge, T. Betcke, J. Phillips & M. Schweiger. Solving Boundary Integral Problems with BEM++, ACM Transactions on mathematical software 41(2) (2015) 6:1–6:40.

To see a large number of applications of Bempp, take a look at this list of papers that cite this paper.
Please note that this paper is based on Bempp 2.0 with an incompatible syntax to the current version. Nevertheless, it gives a good overview of what Bempp can do and should be the main citation for the library.


F. Hagemann, T. Arens, T. Betcke & F. Hettlich. Solving inverse electromagnetic scattering problems via domain derivatives, Inverse Problems (2019), to appear.

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