Boundary element method Python package


Welcome to the documentation for the latest version of Bempp (bempp-cl 0.1.1). Automatically generated full Python documentation of Bempp can be found on Read the Docs, and may be useful for reference.

If your query is not answered by the information available here, you post it on our Google group / mailing list.

Documentation for the older version of Bempp (3.3.4) can be found here.

Getting started

If you are new to Bempp, then we recommend reading these first.

The Bempp Handbook

Full documentation for the latest version of Bempp (bempp-cl 0.1.1) can be found in the Bempp Handbook. Writing the Bempp Handbook is currently in progress and more information will appear in it gradually.

Example applications

A number of Jupyter notebook of example applications are included in the bempp-cl GitHub repository. They can also be viewed online by following the links below.